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Bradman Foote/Braddy

To all my Fellow Jamaicans and Canadians who has visited Jamaica. I have known Richard Brown alias “Vigs” all his life and he has always believed in perfection. This quality still lives on in him and whatever he does including his cooking reflects this the kind of person he has always been. There are no guarantees in life but I Bradman Foote will guarantee that once you have tasted any dish of “JusRite” you will certainly want more again. Vigs did not tell us about one of his secret ingredients but I made this discovery through having his dishes. It is called “Add a pinch of Love”. One of the Marley’s song says “Come back to Jamaica” when you have a dish prepared by “JusRite” all you have to do is close your eyes and you will only miss three out of four things that Jamaica is recognized internationally by Sunshine, Beach, Rum the fourth is the Food and this is here in Canada once it is provided by “JusRite”. Give thanks and praise to the Lord and you will feel alright “. The same applies when you partake of “JusRite” dishes you will feel alright. Your continued success Vigs in whatever you do in life. God Bless. One Love.


For some of the best authentic Jamaican food visit One of the most outstanding dishes would be the Oxtail dish. Flavored to perfection it differentiates itself with subtlety of spices that are unique to oxtail versus a standard stew. The soft dissolving texture of the beef infused with the Lima beans is to die for. The pieces are just the right size and not proliferated with bones. Next up would be the Jerk Chicken. The aroma is reminiscent to my childhood trips to Boston Beach in Portland Jamaica but this is not pork. The chicken is textured perfectly to preserve caramelized aromas that only Rich’s unique self created Jerk Sauce can produce. The flesh is soft and juicy right to the bone!! For additional decadent and addictive flavors you might try Ackees and Shrimp, Fish Tea Soup, Pepper Pot Soup and Curry Goat to mention a few. You will be challenged to find a dish that would not suite your pallet and tantalize your taste buds.


I am writing to thank you for providing the catering and the DJ services at my husband’s 50th birthday bash. The food and drinks were presented very well and “Simply Delicious” as quite a number of guests said. I want to also mention the music, thank you so much for meeting me with me to go over the music and understanding and delivering exactly what I wanted. All this combined contributed to an extremely successful and memorable evening. I will contact you again if I organize a similar function in the future and would have no reservation in recommending you to others. We found your prices to be extremely competitive and you were careful in your own preparations and most helpful in advising me in the planning of this event. Again, my heart felt thanks.


Everyone was very impressed and loved your food! I can’t thank you enough for the love you put into the dishes. It’s felt.

We’ll be in touch soon; take care.


Jusrite? You Bet it is!
I am a Trini who loves Jerk. My husband is Finnish and has been indoctrinated into the taste. He absolutely loves it too. I have been using store brands, because I never had the confidence that I could make my own. The list of ingredients is formidable, and involves so much work and I Felt that if it didn’t turn out it would be such a waste. Anyway, I decided to try Jusrite. Guess what. I was ‘ordered’ by my husband to never bring the store brand in the house again. The only jerk that I’m allowed to have is Jusrite. Everything about it is truly JUST RIGHT: the heat of the rub, the taste, the blend. You follow instructions and it is fool proof. It is great. I use it on fish, chicken, pork loin and ribs.

Rasta Jim

Bought a whole organic chicken Friday ($18) had them cut it up.
Got home cleaned it up, removed all skin and unwanted other crap
Used the Jusrite tossed it around in a bag and in the fridge it went.
2 days later.
Sunday lunch, BBQ started …..slow cooked it
​The whole terrace smelling like back alley Jamaica.
Cracked a brew and started eating.
Sooooo Freak’in good can’t stop
​Let me tell you I have tried a lot of jerk in my life but this is it.
Full of flav, spicy, juicy and not salty like the rest of the chain brands.
Kentucky thinks they got the recipe but we know you da man.
Really really good s#$t Rich. I am very impressed. The best I have ever had.
Thanks for the samplers believe me I will never buy a chain brand again.
I am hooked on JUSRITE
Have a great Thanksgiving, I think I got room for 1 more piece and a brew.

Dex T.

That jerk seasoning is the best thing that’s ever happened to our kitchen! Thank you!

Johnson Family

Consistently delicious, mouth watering West Indian Fare. A must try for any occasion. Two Thumbs Up!

Mills Daki

Happy New Year and thanks again Vigs your food was the talk of the night had the place madd. Wish u continued success and good health.